If you decompose Greece,

you’ll end up with

an olive tree, a grapevine and a boat, which means that:

that’s all you need to rebuild Greece
Odysseas Elytis


The company ZAFEIRIOS SARAKATSANIS & CO. General Partnership, known as “ORPHEAS”, has been established at Myrtofyto, Kavala, in 1983 and operates as a table-grape packaging center. The love and artistry of viniculture has inspired the founders of the company in the creation of a modern unit, that can  100% cover the actual needs of the market.

The owners themselves are also producers and this contributes to the excellent knowledge of the product and the proper selection of the appropriate vineyard and the proper edible grapes. The unit is based at a company-owned building of an area of 600 m2. The company employs permanent and seasonal staff. The company owns trucks and a bus for the transport of the workers during the months of collection and packing of the grapes.    

The company is active in the collection, sorting, packaging, storage/maintenance and trade of table-grapes of many varieties, mainly Soultanina (Thompson Seedless), Victoria and Italia grapes. The company has given emphasis, from the very beginning, to the exports, contributing thus to the creation of alternatives in the trade of table-grapes of the wider area. With the market of Germany being the primary target, our products are exported to many countries in Europe, such as Britain, Switzerland, Poland and the Czech Republic.

The administration of the company gives particular importance to ensuring the quality and hygiene of the grapes that the company packs and places on the market. For this reason, the selection of the proper edible grapes takes place very carefully from vineyards where a total crop management is applied. Furthermore, particular attention is paid by the company regarding the strict compliance with the Greek Food Code, as well as regarding the application and maintenance of the BRC-IFS system throughout all the stages of the production process.

The combination of professionalism, the continuous upgrading, the long-term experience and sensitization of the company’s potential regarding the food safety, render the company “ORPHEAS” ZAFEIRIOS SARAKATSANIS & CO. General Partnership capable to hold an important leading position in the sector of edible grapes exports.
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