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If you decompose Greece,
you’ll end up with

an olive tree, a grapevine and a boat, which means that:

that’s all you need to rebuild Greece
Odysseas Elytis


The packs of the products of the packing center ORPHEAS in Kavala vary, depending on the demands of our clients and the variety of the grapes. The materials we use are certified and appropriate for food, environmentally-friendly, as well as of high reliability and quality, so that they can offer a safe transport of the product until it reaches its final destination.

Our products are available through large supermarket chains In Greece as well as abroad, and in central vegetable markets in Europe.

The standardization is performed by experienced and specialized staff, always with respect to the product.

  • Indicatively, some of the packs are:
  • Cardboard box with punnet 10 x 1 kg
  • Cardboard box with punnet 10 x 500 gr
  • Cardboard box with punnet 6 x 700 gr
  • Cardboard box with bag 4.5 kg
  • Cardboard box 7kg
  • Wooden box

Regarding the packs, there is a great flexibility by the company, so that the requirements of our customers are fully satisfied.

See our productsin detail.